Weekly Microadventure: Pine and Cedar Lakes


If you’re looking to really your get heart-rate up, see the other side of the Chuckanuts, and hit two lakes in one day (potentially), head on over to Pine and Cedar Lakes Country Park. A true Bellingham adventure gem, this hike is not for the faint of heart. This hike is one that I like to do in order to get back in shape, seeing as the first couple of miles are pretty steep! Don’t let that deter you though, cause the lakes, viewpoint, and your newly sculpted glutes will make this hike totally worth it.

Getting There

From Bellingham, head south toward Fairhaven (you can do this via 1-5 or Old Samish Road). The trail-head is nearly impossible to miss, as there is a sign visible from the road. Once you get into the parking lot there is also the painted informational concrete block pictured above.

The Trail

Like I stated earlier, the beginning of the trail is uphill. VERY UPHILL. Don’t get discouraged though! Fight through until the trail finally mellows out, and you know you’re through the worst of it. To make it through the incline,  distract your mind with the water cascading down the gully to your right and how green everything is (even in winter! How cool is that?!). The whole trail there and back is around 5 miles, and the incline gets more gradual coming out of the first mile and a half. Unlike other trails in the Chuckanuts *cough cough Lost Lake* this one has really good signs. So, about 1.75 miles in there will be sign to turn left for Cedar Lake. If you go this way, then you have the opportunity to also go up to a beautiful viewpoint before heading back down and continuing on to Pine Lake. If you decide to skip the turn, you’ll just head off toward Pine Lake.

So, get ready to sweat! Grab your boots, head for the car, and #maketrails up to Pine and Cedar Lakes this week!


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