Microadventure Itineraries

So, what exactly is a “microadventure?”

A microadventure is exactly what it sounds like, a small adventure that is close to home. It really comes from the idea of traveling to places that are close to where you live and work. The reason that this type of “travel” is becoming more and more popular, and more and more necessary, is because travel is something that can change the world. Microadventures focus on the environmental impacts of travel, help people to think more about locavism (traveling locally), environmental impacts and preservation, and the creation of local economic catalysts (ways to help the local people make more money). More people now than ever before are traveling internationally for their sense of adventure. While this is something that I too enjoy, it is also important to step back and realize the true beauty of all the places that are close to home.

Why should I microadventure?

The whole idea behind the microadventure is to prevent economic leakage – when members of a community are spending tourism money in places other than their communities. When economic leakage occurs, money is not spent on local products, businesses, and services, and communities lose money. The microadventure mentality is what is trying to change this thought process. It is just a fun way to show people the wild places right here in your community, and prove that it can still be fun to travel locally.

Who can microadventure?

Going for a microadventure is something that anyone can do. The reason it is called a microadventure in the first place is because a microadventure is a “small adventure.” These are places that are within three (3) hours driving distance from your home, don’t require much, if any money, and provide the opportunity to experience local products and services.

How do I microadventure?

That is the beautiful part; all you have to do to go on a microadventure is head out the door! You wouldn’t believe all the beautiful places that await you! A microadventure is what you want to make it. Whether that be heading down the street toward your community walking path, taking a short drive over to a nearby beach, or making a mini toad trip around your home state with your friends to see some natural wonders, the beauty of the microadventure is that it is an experience created by YOU.

Below, I have made a compilation of microadventures for the many states in which I have lived. To navigate, just click the blue text and scroll! Obviously, these are only the stories of my own microadventures, so don’t feel obligated to follow them directly. Remember that the most amazing part of a microadventure is that it is created by YOU for YOU! So scroll away, find some inspiration, and #maketrails

Washington State Microadventures

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Wyoming Microadventures

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