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In September of 2016, my amazing mother granted me the most thoughtful graduation present EVER; a trip to Croatia. We went on an 8 day biking tour though the Dalmatian Islands, and then spent another 5 days exploring the country on our own. It was one of the best adventures I have ever had.


This morning started around 6:30 when we were leaving the harbor in Stromroska. The clouds were absolutely stunning and so was the darkening of the sky. Thought we might get some rain but luckily we didn’t get any… Yet.


This morning started with a bang… Literally; as stuff came flying out of the cupboards from hitting a large ocean swell. Mom and I were immediately up and out of the room, refusing to let the rocking of the boat get us seasick. While it was early, about 6:30, it was a great way to catch the sunrise (:


Like all mornings on the ship, it started pretty early, but this time the wind coming into Brač was intense! Right when I opened the door to our cabin, I was blasted with sea water in the face. Using all my weight to keep the door open, mom and I headed to breakfast.


Split was one of my favorite locations on my Croatian adventure. It was one of those cities that had everything  you could imagine wanting in a city to vacation in. It was bustling with city activity; many open air markets, restaurants, shopping, historical locations, dance clubs, this place seriously has everything. Not to mention, it is so unbelievably beautiful. The city is made of the same white limestone that is from the island of Brač, and it makes this city feel so astonishing, awe inspiring, and old.

Split, Croatia


Today was my first day to start actually start exploring Croatia. The morning started off pretty interesting, with Patty and I leaving to go for a walk around 7:30 in the morning. We walked to a nearby residential area and found a really cool swimming area, complete with our own swimming ladder and cool views of an abandoned building.


At 6:35, the ships engines roared to life and so did I. The sea was a little choppy, enough to make me a little green, but nothing I couldn’t handle. After our briefing and breakfast, we made port on the island of Vis. Today’s loop would be 20 miles and go around the entire island.

Vis, Croatia


The driest of all the Dalmatian Islands we got to visit and one of my favorites. The first stop of many on our trip, Šolta was a great introduction to Croatia: the water, the wind, the waves, and of course; the HILLS. Filled with cacti, blue water, stone villages, 3rd generation bee keepers, and our first Adriatic Port, this was the start to our Croatian adventure.

Stone Ally