Green Mountain: BLM

My adventure to Green Mountain wasn’t a very planned one, and yet in a way it was. On a whim, it was decided that we would drive across the state to see the views of the great state of Wyoming. Only seeing the lush green Northwestern Corner of the state wasn’t going to cut it for us adventurers. Upon some research of the topographical map and locations of campgrounds, we decided that this was going to be the last one for quite a ways.

The road to the campground was dirt road, but nothing Serena (My 2009 Kia Optima) couldn’t handle, with some skilled driving. There were 18 sites at the campground and each had it’s own little bridge across a creek to get to it. Simple vault toilets were present along with potable water.

Along the way, there were signs for a picnic area called the Wild Horse Point Picnic Area. Upon deciding upon our home for the night ($6), we headed up the road. This stretch of road was in much worse condition, but again, with some skill, passable with some skill. The views at the top were stunning, even with one of the first chilly fall breezes blasting us from the top.