Make Trails with Mack

Calling fellow adventurers!

Some people collect things; I collect moments. While many seem to find serenity in purchasing things, I found that I am my happiest when I cram all my worldly possessions into my car and hit the road. Travel gives me something that will outlive all the things I buy. It provides me with a worldly perspective, one that I have been craving to collect since as young as I can remember.

This website is the adventure journal of my life. It includes the anecdotes of many of my life’s greatest stories and a photo library that spans nearly 5 years, 5 countries, and 7 states. I would eventually like to use this site as a platform to lead these adventures as a tour guide with a group. Until then, enjoy perusing my adventure library. Find an adventure of your own, and #maketrails

To navigate to the location you want visit, just click the Destinations Tab and scroll. Remember that my inventory is constantly updating and if you have an idea for my next location, post, page or otherwise, I would LOVE to connect with you.

You can reach me a lot of the time on Instagram, seeing as I love posting many of my adventures. I also have a Facebook Page.

I find myself living in some places with little to no cell reception or internet most of the time, so those are the best ways to get a hold of me, and I’ll do my best on getting back to you!

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Trails,


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