Weekly Microadventure: Locust Beach

One of my favorite places in all of greater Bellingham. A beach filled with numerous treasures, secret places, tree forts, art, and salty air; any day is a good day to visit Locust Beach.

Getting There

They say everything is easy when you know how to do it, at least that’s something we say in my family a lot. Getting to Locust Beach is easy too, if you know where to go. A place that eluded me for a little bit when I first came up to Bellingham, but don’t worry, here’s the cheat sheet (;

The Beach

Once you find the parking area and make sure to park off the pavement and not in any of the local driveways, it’s time to head to the beach! You’ll walk under the train tracks (make sure to admire the ever changing graffiti), take a right past two large concrete blocks and down the trail. In a short while, the trail turns to the left and descends down a flight of wooden stairs that eventually end at the beach.

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If you head right, this is where many people come down and have beach fires (not legal, but people do it anyway). There are some really great hammock trees and art over here as well. If you follow the beach fairly far in this direction, it eventually turns in to deep black mud, no matter the time of year.

If you head left, and walk as far as you can, you’ll eventually end up at Squalicum Beach. Now the treasures you will find in either direction are fun to explore, photograph, and admire, but they are also fun to find for yourself. So, grab a friend, some snacks, your hiking boots, and #maketrails at Locust Beach!

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