Weekly Microadventure: Deception Pass & Mt. Erie

Be prepared to be amazed with a two-in-one adventure extravaganza first to Mt. Erie and then Deception Pass. If you can just make a day out of it, hitting these two locations can be a true #pnwmicroadventure. Mt. Erie towers in the west, and can almost always be seen from I-5. It’s a great pit stop along the way before crossing the bridge at Deception Pass, one of Washington’s more iconic engineering feats. You can just drive to the top if you’d like and gaze across seemingly endless ocean views or take it to the next level and go rock climbing! This place has it all. After getting your fill of the views, head back down the mountain to head toward a different kind of height: Deception Pass. It’s one of those places that can literally take your breath away with it’s beauty. Let it.

Getting There

Both of these locations are easily driven to, and I have provided directions from Bellingham to both separately. From Bellingham, drive south on Interstate 5. Take Exit 230 toward WA-20. Continue on this road until you get to Anacortes. You’ll then turn on to Campbell Road. Now depending on your destination, whether it be Mt. Erie or Deception Pass, refer to the directions below.

Mt. Erie

I actually haven’t done the hike from the lower parking lot of Mt. Erie up to the top, but I know that I’ve heard my dad tell stories about doing it when he was a kid. I guess I’ve always taken the lazy way and just driven to the top (why hike when you can already drive!). The parking lot fits 20-30 cars and is easily navigated. Literally pick whatever direction and you’ll find a trail with a view. Just explore. Personally, I really like the far right side from the parking lot. You can look down into Alexander Beach and there are some really cool Madrone Trees that are great for a hammock or a climb (;

Deception Pass

Once you can tear yourself away from the views, its time to go find some more, and from a closer perspective. Head back down the mountain and take a left. In about 15 minutes you are going to see the most visited state park in all of Washington: Deception Pass.


Park along the right side of the road before the bridge (if there is parking, and if there isn’t, travel across the bridge and park on the other side in the parking lot), and prepare to be amazed. Walk across the bridge and admire the water flowing beneath you. Many times, if you look hard enough and long enough, you’ll spot the occasional seal! You can spend hours exploring this place, so do! From the height of the bridge to the sand on the beaches, you’ll definitely get to #maketrails here.  So, go and enjoy the view; Washington style.



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