Weekly Microadventure: That PNW Bus

Here in the Pacific Northwest, adventurers are always looking for the next cool thing. The artists, hipsters, and vagabonds alike all find themselves in the outdoors, and sometimes they make something out in the wild that other people can’t help but want to visit. This is the case of #thatPNWbus. Made famous by a bunch of adventurers like ourselves, the bus is now a Pacific Northwest icon and something tourists try and find during their time here in the great Washington State.

Driving the PNW Bus

Driving the PNW Bus

Located just 7 miles southwest of Washtucna WA on Highway 260, it’s a must see stop for anyone heading toward Palouse Falls or just heading to the Palouse in general. You can’t miss the bus if heading southwest. The bus will be on the left hand side of the road, only about 100 yards off the highway. Easily walked to with the right shoes (something close toed because of the glass in the bus at least), it’s a sight to behold!


#thatPNWbus is just a cool old graffiti ridden school bus parked in the middle of no-where! There were funny sayings, some creative art pieces, and of course the occasional vulgarity, but none the less, it’s definitely a cool spot to check out if looking for a short, fun, microadventure.

After getting your adventure fill from the bus, definitely make a stop over at Palouse Falls State Park, just up the road! Deemed the official waterfall of Washington State, this park is a MUST SEE no matter what time of year. I’ve been to the falls in the summer and found it to be quite stupendous, but nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of the falls in winter. The usual Palouse wind and frigid temperatures sure make for an icy spectacle!

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Frozen Palouse Falls

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