Split & Trogir: Day 7

It was the official last day of my Women Tour, and I found myself feeling a bit sad. It’s been such an adventure with so many beautiful souls.  For our last ride, we rode to Marjan Park Prirode Trail in Split. It was a very relaxing and refreshing ride after all the uphill we had been doing. The trail is where many of the local people go to execercise. You can walk, run, and bike on the trail, but no motorized vehicles are allowed. The gradual incline was surrounded by the Adriatic and had some ancient fortresses built into the hillside.  At the top, only 8km up, we had 360 views of many of the islands we had biked throughout the week. Our guide Petra, then told us the story of how the Croatian flag got its coat of arms: 

The legend goes that a famous duke of Croatia was kidnapped by the Ventians. The Venetian King had heard rumors that the duke was a master chess player and challenged him to a match. He told the duke that if he could beat him in the game, that he would grant him freedom. The duke of course won, and the red and white checkerboard we now see on the Croatian coat of arms represents freedom. 

   It was now time to head down to the boat, pack up, and explore Split for a few hours before the boat took us back to Trogir. Not before we had more laughs and fun on the way down though!  After getting ready, we headed to the local market. It was filled with smells of prosheuto, fresh flowers and breads,various fruits, and had many local wares for sale. What an eye opening experience.      Now it was time to head back to Trogir for our final night and our Captain’s Dinner where the captain and crew would dine with us. Spent some time shopping for a cute outfit before dinner, and of course didn’t take a picture in it. After a stupendous four course meal, and dessert, we laughed, chatted, and danced the night away. So very thankful for this time here in Croatia with these people. ❤️  

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