Lake Havasu City

I have been going to this wild desert city since I was a small girl to see my grandparents. They decided that after years and years of living in the interior of Alaska that it was time to move somewhere that didn’t have a winter; and they definitely don’t! Lake Havasu is a city of many activities that you can do if you can stand the heat (;

On my most recent visit, March of 2016, I had the chance to go hiking with my mom in the stark, yet remarkably beautiful: Crack in the Mountain Trail. The loop is only 5 miles round trip, but does have a slightly difficult rock decent. Nothing to be alarmed about, just know ahead of time if you have any mobility limitations. Make sure you bring lots of water seeing as the sun will almost definitely be shining!

I’ll share some of my favorite photos from the trip and also attach the trail map of the area if this looks like an adventure you’d like to experience.

Crack in the Mountain Trail Map

Happy Trails,



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