¡Hola Costa Rica!

Day 1

Like many adventures, it started at the crack of dawn. Our departing flight from Seattle was at 5am, which meant getting to the airport around 3:45. Everyone (Mom, Dad, Trevor, Claire, and I) was bright eyed, and ready to start our day after what we all deemed “a nap.” Guess that’s what happens when the good conversations all start happening around 10! It was a short flight from Seattle to Los Angles, with a very short 50 minute connecting flight that would take us to Liberia, Costa Rica!  
Upon landing, it took only moments to realize that our PNW attire wasn’t going to cut here! As soon as we cleared immigration and customs, it was time to change into shorts and find Grandma Nat!! We found her waiting for us and after picking up our rental car, we headed toward Playa Hermosa; a sleepy surf town on the Pacific Coast which is only a 20 minute drive from the airport. We also saw our first Costa Rican wildlife: a capuchin monkey!! Saw him just swinging from the trees off the side of the road! Can’t wait to see more of those guys (as long as they aren’t stealing my stuff… I’ve heard they do that). After getting a little lost finding our Air BnB, we arrived just in time to watch our first Costa Rican Sunset.  Now that we had reached our final destination, it was time for one of my favorite things: DINNER. We ended up eating at this place called Robertos which was literally not 20 yards from the back gate of our place. Magical. Our waiter was stupendous and gave us great recommendations about what food to get off the menu… and of course, I went for the scampi!  
  After filling our bellies with crab, scallions, yellowfin tuna, scampi and many more goodies, we walked our dinner off on the beach before taking a late night dip in the pool. Officially exhausted, we headed to bed, excited to see what the next morning would bring (: 

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