Weekly Microadventure: Capilano Suspension Bridge 

Take your next #pnwmicroadvenure to new heights by traveling to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver British Columbia! A great introduction to Beautiful British Columbia and a great excuse to get out on the town in Vancouver, Capilano has it all. An adventure that will get you walking through the trees like a Star Wars ewok, swinging (hesitantly on my part!) on a nearly 300 foot tall suspension bridge, and defying gravity with some spectacular engineering feats, this is a location that could never disappoint.

Getting There

A scenic, and potentially slow drive depending on the traffic traveling through the Peace Arch Boarder Crossing is in store on your way up to the park. You can stop and admire the stunning coastline at Peace Arch Park if traffic is slow, and if not, admire from the car as you zip through customs. The rest of the drive takes you through residential areas of greater Vancouver. Admire the scenery as it gradually changes from farmlands, to suburbs and eventually to hundreds of towering glass skyscrapers. The first time I made this drive it literally made my jaw drop!

The Park

Parking is located right at the park entrance. Signs are easy to follow if parking is full, and depending on your parking location, it can be free! From here, just walk across the street, pay $32-$40 for your pass, and head inside!


Grab a map from the holder pictured above and don’t forget to get it “stamped” along the way if you’d like to get a certificate saying that you went through the whole park. Now follow the trails to your hearts desire! We went straight for the Capilano and then did the Treetop Adventures section before coming back over to the Cliffwalk!

After getting your wobble on with other guests on Capilano, it’s time to channel your inner ewok in the Treetop Adventure section! I really liked getting up in the trees to see the park from a new angle! Definitely lucked out on the weather when we were there! The rain was very peaceful in one of the largest Pacific Northwest rain-forests, and maybe kept the crowds away for a minute (;

Head to the other side of the park and grab some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to indulge in along the way. Over here there is a beautiful little pond and my swampy dream house (: Not to mention they had a sign out front in appreciation for one of my photographic muses: the slug!

Endure the wobble one more time and admire the views of the Cliffwalk from afar before experiencing it for yourself! If you head to the right of the walk first, you can get a beautiful view of the structure before walking on it for yourself!

Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset

You’re in the home stretch of the adventure now! So it’s time to step onto this feature for yourself! It was really cool to be able to see the way the suspension worked! How many times do you get to walk on the side of a cliff in this much style?! Enjoy the heights, get your stamps, hit the gift shop if you wish, and head on down to Vancouver to continue on your #pnwmicroadventure!

Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset

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