The Alaskan Small Town Splendor: Talkeetna

If you’ve ever wondered what small town Alaska looks like, Talkeetna might as well have written the book. This town is absolutely ADORABLE. Hardly populated in the winter months, seeing as the river freezes over, the sun sets for four months, and all the tourist activities close, you wouldn’t even recognize it in the summer. Tourism dominates this community, meaning that there are tons of things to see and do while spending your time here. Whether it be zipping down the most northern zip-line in the world, or meeting the 17 year old tabby cat mayor, Stubbs, know that your time in Talkeetna will be a once in a lifetime adventure.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetWe only spent 2 days in Talkeetna but, per usual, we made sure to make the most of it! From Denali National Park, we headed south about 2 and half hours. The town is very quaint and welcoming, with many local businesses selling food, local wares, and my personal favorite: FOOD. The city is right on the bank of 2 rivers, the Susitna, and the Talkeetna. Makes for some stunning sunsets and fishing if you come during the right time of year! Even as we sat along the bank of the river enjoying the sights, we could see chum salmon making their way up the muddy river.Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetIt wouldn’t be our style to not do something wild while adventuring, so we also decided to go zip-lining at the most northern zip-line in the world with Denali Zip-line Tours. For 3 hours you get to zip through an Alaskan style rain forest canopy on a series of 9 different lines. If you decide to do so (like we did) you can get photos done though them for a small fee. It was totally worth it. Included are beautiful views of the mountains of Denali National Park, lots of laughs with  your exuberant guide, and even a zip over a lake with floating islands! One of my favorite things I did in Alaska.imageimageimageA trip to the town of Talkeetna wouldn’t be complete unless you seek out it’s mayor, Stubbs. Stubbs is the 17 year old orange tabby cat that has been the major since July of 1997. He can often be found roaming the streets, or at his home in Nagley’s General Store. I know I made sure to go and seek him out!No automatic alt text available.

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