Diamond Belle Ranch

If you’re looking for a place for your group or family to get together and have some fun outdoors, the Diamond Belle Ranch is the place for you! This 10 bedroom lodge is located on the beautiful Walker Lake just outside of Wacounda Washington. With 12 beds, a stocked fishing lake, a large stone fireplace, and 767 acres to explore as you please, who wouldn’t want to spend some time here?

Amenities of the lodge include but are not limited to:

  • A kitchen that comes fully equipped with gas stoves, a dishwasher, hard water filter, coffee makers, a toaster over, and an island with butcher block for cutting.
  • Large dining room with tables and chairs are available for parties of all sizes (just ask the caretakers what they have available, both Trisha and Steve are very nice and personable)
  • 3 full baths, two of which are on the ground floor of the lodge, and 1 on the second floor.
  • 10 bedrooms, 12 beds, with all bedding included.
  • Outside decks around the lodge
  • Large barbecue
  • Fishing (there are regulations to what kinds of tackle you can use, how you can fish, what kinds of fish they stock the lake with, and what the seasons. The specifics of this information are listed on their website here)


The old Diamond Belle Ranch Sign (They have since changed the name of the property)

My family has been coming to this rustic and beautiful location over the holiday season for a couple of years now, and the adventures had here are always enjoyable and filled with fun and friends. This year, sledding and snowshoeing, were the activities of choice.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

One of the other guests graciously loaned me some snow shoes to try out!

I had personally never been on snowshoes, and my first experience was AMAZING. The shoes made navigating the snow so much easier, and the places that you go on these babies… made my imagination run wild as I made my way across one of the many hills encompassed in the 767 acres of this property.


This property is filled with so much history. Old homesteaded buildings can be found all across this property. The lodge was built in the early 1940’s as a lodge for people to vacation at during all times of the year and has been seeing guests every since.


Fun Fact: The area that the Diamond Belle Lodge resides on is nestled on the homestead of the MacKenzie brothers, who settled there from Scotland in the early 1920’s and 1930’s. I (personally) found this tid bit to be interesting because their last name is spelled the same as my first.


This property has so much adventure potential! If you’re looking for a great group event location at any time of the year, this is definitely a spot I would keep in mind.

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