Pickin’ Your Pumpkins 

So I decided that I’m done buying my Halloween pumpkins from the grocery store. One, it’s just more fun to go to a pumpkin patch, and two.. Who needs a two. Go pick your own pumpkins! If it’s fun when you’re 21, then it’s probably fun for anyone!

For this pumpkin adventure, we decided to go to Bellewood Acres.

Here you can pick your own pumpkins and apples.

They also have a pretty fun corn maze, apple orchard, and cute saw horses in different animal shapes (cow, horse, sheep) hard cider brew, homemade vodka, and some other tasty adult beverages that you can sample inside.

Bellewood’s Ciderhead Hard Apple Cider. It was pretty good!

They also sell a tasty apple cider and pre-made pie crusts and fillings that I would be SUPER interested in trying.

Don’t forget the delicious pies sold there as well (I had the blackberry one and it was jaw dropping)!

For more information visit the Bellewood Acres website.


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